My Review of Fitness DVDs

If you’re like me, you probably feel completely overwhelmed when deciding which fitness DVD  to spend your hard earned money on. Understandable, considering there are 100s of them out there to choose from. Since you aren’t able to “try before you buy”, it’s almost impossible to know which ones will actually provide you with a workout that’s in line with your own personal fitness needs. This is a dilemma that I’m sure many of us face, at some point in time, during our journey to becoming our ideal selves; physically speaking of course. Well my friends, keep reading because this post is all about fitness DVDs. This is my review of some of the most popular ones on the market, today. I hope you find my fitness DVD review to be informative and helpful, when making the decision on which fitness DVD you purchase next.

Let’s get started….

1. Jillian Michaels Killer ABS


 If you’re looking for a workout that isolates the abdominals, I would look at other options. I, personally, didn’t feel that my abs got much of a workout, at all. I felt this exercises more in my Glutes(my butt muscles) and in my Rectus Femoris(the leg muscle that’s located in the upper, front portion of the leg, from the pelvis to the knee), or the front thigh muscle.


  • Offers three 30-minute workouts, levels one, two, and three. 
  • Each workout offers an individual performing the workout at a beginner level and at an advanced level; along with Jillian Michaels who is doing the workout at an intermediate level.
  • There are sufficient warm-up and cool-down exercises.
  • Gets the heart pumping and blood flowing, so it’s a good option for cardio.


  • There was no advanced notice that I would need a set of weights for the workout. So, I had to pause the video and go get mine from upstairs, then resume the workout.
  • Gives the glutes and legs more of a workout than the abs.
  • I didn’t find Jillian to be very motivating in her instruction, during the workouts.
  • I didn’t care for the music playing during the workouts. It was a little dark and dreary in my opinion. Not uplifting or motivating.
  • Several of the exercises were like yoga with weights.(Not what I’m looking for in my ab workouts)


2. Billy Blanks Taebo Insane ABS



Billy Blanks kills it!! Bravo Mr. Blanks, this was one of the best AB workouts I’ve ever experienced. Seriously, this works! It not only does exactly what it says it does, which is to give you insane ABS, it’s also motivating and designed with the average person in mind. If you do this workout regularly (combined with a healthy diet), you will get insane ABS. This workout was upbeat and motivating from start to finish.


  • Gives you insane ABS. The exercises performed on this video really target and isolate the abdominal muscles.
  • This video is a great cardio workout.
  • Shows individuals performing the exercises at three different levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Billy Blanks is one of the most motivating fitness instructors I’ve ever seen.
  • The video had sufficient warm-up and cool-down times.
  • Mr. Blanks does a great job of explaining why we’re doing each movement, which muscle(s) we should be using to do it with, how that muscle(s) should feel if we’re executing the movement(s) correctly, and he gives a lot of tips on what one can do to really isolate and work the correct muscle(s) for each exercise.
  • There is no equipment or weights needed for this workout.



  • The workout was a bit on the long side.
  • Some portions of the workout were difficult the first time I did them, even when I tried following the beginner level instructions.
  • The workout has a lot of Taebo(boxing) moves that are difficult to execute properly if you’ve never boxed before.


Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance


I’ve always been a Denise Austin fan, ever since she started her “Hit the Spot” series of videos. The reason I’ve always been a fan and still am is, her videos work. She is an incredible fitness instructor, as far as her ability to find and deliver exercises that really isolate individual muscle groups, goes. I didn’t get as much out of this workout, as I always have from her “Hit the Spot” workouts, but it did still deliver a good cardio workout and I felt it in my legs and abs, too.



  • Good cardio workout.
  • Ms. Austin does an excellent job of delivering clear and concise instructions for every movement of the workout.
  • This was a good workout for toning the legs.
  • Not much space is required to do this workout, so it’s perfect for those who have limited space to workout in.
  • No weights or other equipment is needed to do the main workout.
  • Sufficient time was spent on the warm-up and cool-down portions of this video.
  • This workout is only 30 minutes, so it’s great for those limited on time.
  • Ms. Austin is upbeat and motivating thru-out the entire workout.
  • This video offers a bonus toning segment, using small weights to add resistance to the exercises performed in the workout.


  • There is only one level of fitness to follow during the workouts, so if you’re a complete beginner it might be a little difficult the first time or two you do the workout.
  • I thought the music playing during the workout was a little slow and unmotivating.
  • I didn’t really get a good “total body workout” using this video, more legs, and glutes than anything else.

I’d like to add something additional to this review. If you really want some great workout videos, that isolate specific muscle groups, go online and find Denise Austin’s “Hit the Spot” series of workouts. They are amazing; especially her “Hit the Spot” ABS video.


Dancing With the Stars Latin Cardio Dance


This was a fun, energetic, workout that worked out my entire body. It’s amazing for cardio and really works out the legs and glutes. If you’re looking for a true, total body workout video; this is definitely a video worth getting.


  • The instructors in this video are awesome. They really motivate you to keep going for the entire workout.
  • This video offers four different workouts to choose from Merengue, Cha-Cha, Samba, and Mambo.
  •  A sufficient period of warming-up and cooling-down is provided in this video.
  • No additional equipment is needed to properly perform these workouts.
  • The instructors give clear, concise instructions on how to properly execute each movement in the workouts.
  • None of the individual workouts are very long, so it’s perfect for those limited on time who want to get a good workout in.
  • This video really works out the legs and glutes.
  • I liked the music selected for these workouts.



  • If you’ve never done latin dancing, some of the moves are difficult to execute.
  • You really need ample space to do these workouts. I don’t think this video would be good for anyone living in a small apartment. I had to move furniture around to have enough space for this one.
  • Only one level of fitness is used in these workouts, so there isn’t really a way to challenge yourself after doing this video the first few times.


Well, there you have it, my review on a few of the workout videos on the market today. I hope you found this article to be helpful in choosing your next workout video. I will post reviews for other workout videos in the future, so if you have a specific video you’d like a review on, leave me a comment with the name of the video, and I’ll include it in one of my future posts.

Thanks for reading and blessings to all,



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